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LD41 Jam Submission

Theme: Combine 2 Incompatible Genres

You’ve become trapped inside a prize-grab arcade machine! Utilize the crane to manipulate your environment and solve puzzles, enabling you to reach the stuffed animal!

Controls: arrow keys to move, up to activate crane, Z/A to jump / control crane after activating,  X/S to pick up & throw

Controller supported

Combined genres: puzzle platformer & crane machine

All programming, design, & art was done by me, Siltocyn

Music is by MobiusDisco


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Crane_Quandary_LD41.zip 5 MB


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How come you're not selling this? You could be rich.

Wow, super cute :) I love the pixel art and everything animated in such a cute way. I was confused at first why the bear was being destroyed, cranes usually grab toys ahah but then I figured it out. I laugh so much when I used the crane on the girl xD


That was a fantastic brain twister! It took me some minutes to understand, that I don't can grab the teddy bear directly, but heck, afterwards it was quite a puzzle ride! The well done puzzle design in combination with the crane mechanic works so goddamn well, that I couldn't get off of the game for an hour or so. :) Excellent work. I can really see that game in the higher rankings of the Ludum Dare 41, and also I see some huge potential for this. Thank you very much for your hard work. <3 I was so avid thanks to your entry, that I felt the need to write a praising article about it on our blog. :) I also uploaded a gameplay video, in the hope that more people will be driven to your game by it. <3

Best wishes,

No Mac download :(


Controller is not working :(

(XONE Controller - Windows 10)


I dunno if it's me (by reading the comments it seems to be) but I'm unable to use the crane ;-;

I go to the crane machine, tried the controls (keyboard) but nothing happens. I'm at game 249171, version  #856822 using itch.io app, and stuck at the very first level where the crane machine is presented after we actually enter it.


Make sure you've grabbed the coin before going to the machine. the coins are how many tries you've got left!

Ooooooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhh that's awesome! Well designed :0




This is my favorite LD41 game so far. It's so, so good. Reminds me of Solomon's key or Fire and Ice. I just beat it and it took me like, an hour! Thats a good jam game! I agree with squidly. Go for it!


I liked it, fun/10.


Okay. Finish this game. Take this idea and go all the way.

This is one of those games that only comes once in a bit that has this aesthetic, that has a mechanic, that has a idea that's so complete and unique that it just BEGS to be polished and completely realized. In three days you made one of the freshest ideas I've ever seen, and I think you gotta keep going with it.